Matthew BuddContact (0) 7825 795410London // OxfordCurriculum VitaeView online"Graphic Design is my Passion"About meWith thanks to and numerous other open-source tools,including the well-known WYSIWYG web design tool, KiCAD [] LinksThey all said I was crazy! A whole website in anSVG image? They all said it couldn't be done!Well, look who's laughing now!Publications• Model-based sequential decision making• Meta-reasoning for compute constraints and time-varying environments• Bayesian / probabilistic reinforcement learning• Markov decision process safe exploration• Formal methodsSite guide: on desktop, click/drag to pan and mousewheel to zoom. On touch, pinch and drag away. Use the navigation bar at the top to view my CV, see the list of interesting links, or contact me in a number of ways (maybe you have a theory on what this schematic does?) Use "Reset View" on the navigation bar if you get lost. I started on a PhD at the Oxford Robotics Institute in 2020. Since then I've worked with robots that have arms, legs, wheels, and propellors. I was previously the manipulation team leader of Team ORIon, competing in RoboCup in 2019 (Sydney) and 2022 (Thailand, where I was also acting team leader). Between 2016 and 2020 I undertook an MEng in Oxford's Engineering Department, specialising in information engineering, microelectronics, control theory, and mathematical methods. I received an IET Diamond Jubilee engineering scholarship for the duration of my undergraduate degree. In this time I also worked in an embedded software engineering role at Cambridge Consultants, as part of their Technology Scholar programme. I enjoy technical leadership and running my own electronic engineering mini-projects. These include leading a team of ~15 undergraduates to design, build and program a "Mars rover" robot, and launching a high-altitude balloon scientific payload to 20km+ altitude. Outside of work, I enjoy swimming and indoor bouldering. 20201.